Monday, 26 November 2012

30 Things: #2 - Describe three legitimate fears you have, and explain how they became fears.

1. Heights... serious, serious issues with heights. I have no idea why or how - survival instinct I suppose! I try my best to get over it though; one tactic was when I was living in Thailand, to go onto the roof of our condo and walk ever-closer to the edge (the wall was lower hip height for me, so v.scary). I found that taking my camera really helped because my desire to take cool photos took my mind of my shaky legs!

I also rode a huge elephant through the jungle, down some very hair-raising slopes. My eyes leaked during the last five minutes when I actually thought I was going to plummet to my doom... but Dodo, my lovely ele, stopped, let me off, then 'protected' me while I regained my composure and got back on his neck.

(Obviously this was just before we got into the jungle!)

I'm not over my fear but I have at least taught myself how to take small steps in order to deal with it. Weirdly enough, I have no problem with flying - in fact I adore being up in the air. And I don't have issues with going up narrow wibbly-wobbly mountain roads either. I think the real issue is when my safety is in my own hands!

2. Crabs... I kid you not! It's not really a fear as such these days, just a pathological dislike. I know exactly how it came about though; one summer, my brother came to stay with me on the coast. I took him crabbing, and he being the idiot that he was then, caught THE largest, blue/green monster, and swung it at me, knocking me off-balance, off the bridge, and into the riverlet below... which was full of crabs! I must have knocked myself out for a few seconds because all I remember is opening my eyes and seeing a shedload of crustaceans looking at me quizzically, wondering what the frell I was doing in their river! I was utterly terrified. I probably screamed. A lot. And yes, I do eat the little b'stards - call it revenge! Muahahahaa!

3. Clowns... my foster mother suggested that perhaps I was scared by one as a child but I have no idea. She certainly doesn't remember anything of the sort happening but who knows, maybe Charlie Caroli freaked me out! I still don't like them in any shape or form, and while I may tell myself it's not really a fear... I suspect I am lying to myself! Fortunately I rarely meet any face to face!

So, what scares you?


Jennie Harris said...

Interesting read. Very jealous you rode a heffalump.
My big phobia is snow and ice. Can't explain it but it terrifies me.

Destiny said...

Oh my gosh. I want to ride an elephant! That is going on the bucket list now!

Nicole Rossetti le Strange said...

Destiny - I spent the day with Dodo... I checked him over to make sure he was healthy, fed him, brushed him down, bathed him in the river, snuggled him, rode him up to the waterfall and played in the river with him, then rode back through the jungle. It was brilliant... one of the best days of my life!

Nicole Rossetti le Strange said...

Jennie - I don't think snow and ice is so irrational, after all, both can be very dangerous.... and are horribly cold (I'm not a fan of either!).