Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Rant About Rubbish!

No matter which morning I am out running in the park, I always see the detritus from the previous night's revelling. It's bad enough that there are plastic cider bottles and food wrappers strewn around but the broken glass bottles which seem to have been deliberately smashed on the pathways is a real annoyance...as well as being a danger.

What is wrong with these people? Don't they care that people walk their dogs in the park? Or that children play there? Or that we runners use these paths? I've even seen all this inside the fenced-off toddlers' play area. And if that's not bad enough, in most cases, there is a litter bin less than a metre away from wherever the rubbish has been dumped.

We used to have a litter bin on the corner of our road, until someone in their infinite wisdom (most likely the Council) decided to remove it. A few weeks ago, someone placed a large black wheelie bin on the corner; people have been using it, and the bin-men have been emptying it. Someone else has now put another one on another corner, and again, it's being used (although not by the filthy stronzi who think it's OK to park their cars in the bays outside our house, and empty the contents of their ashtrays etc. into the kerbside).

Last Sunday (the day before bin-day), I heard raised voices outside my house - I looked out of the window and saw a guy shouting at his girlfriend. Suddenly, he kicked over one of the wheelie bins, spilling a week's worth of rubbish all over the pavement. And then stomped off, just leaving it there. She was little better; she looked at it, made some comment about the mess he'd made, then lolloped off after him. Neither of them cleared up the mess they'd made.

Again I say, what the frell is wrong with these people? Would they behave like that in or around their own homes? How exactly does one get to be so inconsiderate? The UK needs guardians of decorum like we have in Venexia!

Guardians of decorum (Vestali) in Venice. Source: ItalyMag


ChellaJKR said...

Just awful. One Saturday morning stroll, me and the babies had to step over vomit all over along the sidewalk from Friday nights.. festivities.. Gotta love people.

(found your blog from MFP, by the way- love it!)

Nicôle said...

At least the vomit is bio-degradeable! Still vile though. :-(

Glad you enjoy my blog - do feel free to get in touch with suggestions and/or recipe requests!

N xx